Elecfreaks Bring BBC Micro:bit into A Primary School


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Last week, our team member Song and Tyler had paid a visit to a primary school in Nanshan Shenzhen. Guess what they bring? A BBC micro:bit lesson! Now let's take a view of their lesson and see what they teach.

Some teaching aids for presentation, including bbc micro:bitring:bit carmicro:bit watch band and a book.

Class began, Song introduced himself first and then took out a piece of micro:bit. He successfully drew students' attention. All students listened very carefully.

A small game for students to create their first programs in their lives. This game is really simple! Just display your names on micro:bit. You can do it too!

A video showing students what can we do with this small board as well as some amazing creations. All students watched this video very carefully.

Students showed great interest in micro:bit artworks. Some even discussed about to create their own devices one day. Tyler walked into students' groups to help them create their own program.

More Elecfreaks micro:bit artwork show. Isn't it very cool?

Most students in the class had never get their hands on micro:bit. After Song introduced micro:bit to them, they showed great interests in this small board and would like to go on study program. Song and Tyler's class was very successful.

Since the year of 2017, Elecfreaks has always devoted to the promotion of micro:bit. Except for constant publishing various suitable kits for micro:bit, this year we are trying to enter into domestic maker education market. Now we have cooperated with Shenzhen Primary School, which is the first trial to promote micro:bit off-line education in China. It is meaningful! In the future, Elecfreaks will further participate in promoting micro:bit and K12 & STEAM education.

A change has silently started in the field of education. Programming skills will be vital for many future jobs. We believe so and would like to witness future changes with you.








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